Past Events


Feb 2019 Chapter Meeting

Dr. Jason Picket gave a presentation on Ketamine for pain and agitation as selected by our members! Dinner was provided by Randall Renken at Texas A&M International University. Meeting Minutes Here.



Dec 2018 Chapter Meeting

Patty Robinson, head of security at Dell Seton, Seton Medical Center Austin, and Seton Medical Center Hayes gave an excellent presentation on active shooter and mass casualty situations. City Ambulance Service took us out for a night out on the town at Las Palomas. Food, raffle, and good times had by all. Meeting Minutes Here.



October 2018 Chapter Meeting

Board Elections and a presentation by Abbot Point of Care. Meeting Minutes Here.


August 2018 Chapter Meeting

Presentations on Austin mental health resources including Integral Care and Austin Oaks. Meeting Minutes Here.


June 2018 Chapter Meeting

Presentations by John Garner from BTG: When Envonmation Strikes Strike Back With CROFAB For Commplete Control and Jan Trip Johnson, RN on Wilderness Medicine. Dinner provided by Crofab. Meeting Minutes here.

isolated blood cells

April 2018 Chapter Meeting

Shire and Salveo sponsored a dinner at Perry's with a presentation on blood disorders by Dr. Tammuella E. C. Singleton. Meeting Minutes here.

December 2017 Chapter Meeting

Virginia Hunter Samson gave a presentation on how to Alleviate and Prevent Burnout. Meeting minutes here.

October 2017 Chapter Meeting

The October meeting had a presentation by Shannon Metcalfe on pediatric SANE patients and chapter elections. Meeting minutes here.

August 2017 Chapter Meeting

Our August meeting had a summary of the Texas state quarterly meeting and a presentation on medical missions. Meeting minutes here.

June 2017 Chapter Meeting

Our June meeting was an educational presentation on risks of body piercings and tattoos presented by Curtis Townsend. Flyer Here.


April 2017 Chapter Meeting

For our April meeting, Julie Walder gave a presentation on compassion fatigue. Meeting minutes Here.


February 2017 Chapter Meeting

Our first meeting of the year was held at Dell Medical Center, Auditorium. Meeting minutes HERE.