October 2020 Meeting Minutes

Chapter Meeting held October 22, 2020 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline.

Board members present: Trudy Meehan (President), Debra Rodriguez (Director), Elizabeth Nolan (Treasurer), DeAnna Gillespie (President-elect)

Members present: Christine Tacorda, April Burge, Rhonda Manor Coombes, Jenny Williams, Robert Gillespie, Molly Drazil, Stacia Schuman, Sherri Gast, Bianca Cannaday

Meeting was called to order at 1830.

Treasurer’s Report:

Presented by Elizabeth Nolan.  Current balance is $7743.50

New Business:

Articles of Corporation

The chapter has been encouraged by the State ENA to convert our incorporation from Delaware to Texas.  By a show of hands, the majority vote was to approve this action.

Election of Officers for 2021

President-elect position is open.  Rhonda Manor Coombes and Sherri Gast were nominated.  By vote of 9 to 3 Rhonda Manor Coombes was elected.

Currently there is a position for Secretary open.   By vote of the membership Sherri Gast was elected, unopposed.

The meeting was adjourned at 1900.

The membership then viewed the award-winning movie “In Case of Emergency”.

Respectfully submitted: Trudy Meehan, President, Austin Chapter ENA