December 2020 Meeting Minutes

December 15, 2020

Board Members present:  Trudy Meehan (President), Elizabeth Nolan (Treasurer),

Debra Rodriguez (Director)

Members present:  Amy Urban, Micah Hassell, Rhonda Manor Coombes, JoAnne Masongsong,  TJ Fackelman

A virtual meeting was held via WebEx.

Meeting called to order at 1830

Treasurer Report: Elizabeth Nolan presented the budget and expenditures for 2020.

Old Business:

We have retained an attorney to change the location of our incorporation from Delaware to Texas.  With conversion we can bring forward all previous information related to the incorporation and legal documents affiliated with the name Austin ENA.

Trudy introduced the two new members of the 2021 Board of Directors.

President-elect --Rhonda Manor Coombes

Secretary --Sherri Gast

President is DeAnna Gillespie, Treasurer is Elizabeth Nolan and

Director is Debra Rodriguez.


Being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 1900.

David Jones and his team from Encompass Health presented a continuing education program  The Short and Long Term Consequences of Critical Illness.

 Respectfully submitted by Trudy Meehan, President, Austin Chapter ENA